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Why donate to Sea Tow Foundation?

To make available more life jackets for people to borrow-

To reduce occurrences of boating under the influence-

Every day more and more Sea Tow Foundation volunteers use supplies in their efforts to promote boating safety throughout the United States and territories.

For the Beacon Rental Program,  we use EPIRBs and PLBs to rent.

For the Designated Skipper Campaign, volunteers use wristbands and printed materials to promote the effort in their community.

For the Life Jacket Loaner Program volunteers use life jackets, heavy-duty plastic lumber to build new life jacket stands, printed materials, signs, and whistles.

Plus, electricity, phones, postage, and website.

Your financial support keeps us going!

Help us to keep boating fun + safe at boat ramps, marinas, and parks throughout the United States and territories by ensuring our volunteers have the supplies they need to operate our programs.

Working together is how we make a difference.

Please take a minute to donate today, thank you.


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