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1) Quantity: enter how many weeks you are renting for.

2) You will be contacted after you submit your rental request to confirm your itinerary and review basic how-to information about the beacon.

3) Shipping to you and back are included in the rental fee.


Why Choose an EPIRB for Boating?

Choose an EPIRB for Boating if:

  • Medical conditions of crew or passengers warrant
  • Operating a vessel with recent substantial repairs
  • Operating in areas inclined to sudden changes in weather
  • Operating in areas that are remote
  • Operating in areas that are unfamiliar
  • Operating in areas with limited cell phone and VHF radio signal contact
  • Operating in unreliable waters
  • Operating an unfamiliar vessel
  • Operating an unseaworthy vessel


When to use a beacon

Most Search-and-Rescue organizations instruct that beacons are satellite signaling devices of last resort, for use when all other means of self-rescue have been exhausted, where the situation is grave with imminent danger and the loss of life, limb, eyesight or valuable property will occur without assistance.

Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon- EPIRB

Sea Tow Foundation uses the ACR Electronics GlobalFIX™ V4 for its beacon rental program. The GlobalFixV4 has an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start. A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and a user-replaceable battery pack that has a 10-year replacement interval.

The GlobalFIX™ V4 has two functional self-tests to monitor the beacon’s transmission, power and battery performance and GPS acquisition. Features of GlobalFix v4 include:

  • Highly visible LED strobe
  • Internal 66 channel GPS
  • High-efficiency electronics
  • Long lasting 10-year battery life
  • Professional grade design built for years of use in harsh environments
  • Simple manual activation keypad with protective cover to prevent false alarms
  • Size: 8.13 (H) X 4.28” (W) (20.7 X 10.9 cm)
  • Weight: 27 oz (764 g)

Thank You for Supporting This Program!

Thank you for supporting The Sea Tow Foundation Beacon Rental Program. Our EPIRB and PLB Rental Program was made possible from a generous donation from ACR Electronics. Funds raised by this program are used to grow all Sea Tow Foundation programs including Beacon Rental Program, Designated Sober Skipper Campaign, and Life Jacket Loaner Program.




This EPIRB/PLB Rental Agreement (“Rental Agreement”) is made on the date of this agreement by and among Sea Tow Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 1325, Southold, New York, 11971 (“Foundation” or “Lessor”) and the named in this agreement, with an address stated in this agreement (“Lessee”), as follows:

WHEREAS, Foundation is a New York State corporation duly qualified as a “not for profit” entity (501(c)(3)), and dedicated to education and awareness of the boating public to potentially assist in reducing the number of preventable boating-related accidents and deaths, surviving largely from a diverse revenue stream comprising individual donors, grants, gifts, services and programs, including this particular “EPIRB/PLB” program by which Foundation, having received a number of donated EPIRBs and PLBs from ACR/Artex (“Safety Equipment”), leases the same to lessees, for use in connection with the lessee(s)’ boating experience(s), at rates as indicated and on terms as set forth herein below; and

WHEREAS, Lessee wishes to lease said Safety Equipment upon the terms and conditions set forth herein below, having been duly apprised and trained in the use thereof;

NOW THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the mutual covenants, promises and premises set forth herein and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged, IT IS AGREED, as follows:

1.) Safety Equipment Defined. In fundamental distinction, the EPIRB is registered to a vessel, whereas a PLB is registered to a person. In other words, as a yachtsman moves from vessel to vessel only a PLB moves with that person. The EPIRB stays with the vessel. The Foundation has received, by donation, a number of each, and offers the same for lease at the prices set forth in Exhibit A. The GlobalFIX™ V4 is a full-featured EPIRB with high-efficiency electronics including an internal 66 channel GPS for faster acquisition from a cold start. A protective keypad cover helps prevent false activation, and a user-replaceable battery pack has a 10-year life expectancy. Lessee is expected to know, read and understand this description. Personal Location Beacons (PLB) work identically as EPIRBs, sending a coded message on the 406 MHz distress frequency, relayed via the Cospas-Sarsat global satellite system. The differences between these devices are also explained, and the Lessee is expected to understand these as well. PLBs are designed to be carried on the person and are accordingly smaller. For example, the “Fast Find” is not much larger than the size of a mobile phone. PLBs are designed to be used anywhere in the world, on the sea and also on land. Some such PLBs do not float, but include an additional floatation sleeve for carriage. PLBs, once activated, transmit for a minimum of 24 hours; while the battery life on an EPIRB is at least double that (a minimum of 48 hours). Lessee is required and obliged to know how and when to activate, and the Foundation is not responsible for any actual, incidental or consequential losses whatsoever that may be occasioned by any failure of Lessee to properly activate or utilize the Safety Equipment or, for that matter, for any failure whatsoever that might occur.

2.) No Warranties, Express or Implied, Beyond those of the Manufacturer. In leasing these devices, the Foundation does not undertake training or any warranties express or implied, beyond those supplied by the manufacturer. Thus, a description is found at https://www.acrartex.com/products/catalog/epirbs-and-accessories/globalfix-v4/#sthash.AqqPyt3B.dpuf and https://www.acrartex.com/products/catalog/personal-locator-beacons/resqlinkplus/#sthash.oX77qGhi.dpbs. Lessee represents and warrants, and holds the Foundation free from any claims of any kind for personal injury or other injury, for breach of implied or express warranties of fitness for use or other, or, for that matter any costs, expenses, or liabilities in any manner associated with the leasing of these items from the Foundation. The Foundation is providing the same at minimal cost, and for the purpose of acquiring revenue to increase the knowledge base of the boating population, and not for any other pecuniary gain. Thus, should Lessee, or anyone else, suffer a loss of any kind as a result of leasing or using, or failing to use or properly use the Safety Equipment, Lessee hereby indemnifies and holds Foundation harmless from any and all costs and expenses, including legal fees, that may be incurred as a result thereof.

3.) Replacement or Damages. Should Lessee fail to return the Safety Equipment leased hereunder in the same condition as received (normal wear and tear excepted), then Lessee shall be responsible for replacement and/or repair and hereby authorizes the Foundation, as Lessor, to bill the credit card provided, without further request and with notice only of such billing to the Lessee, of cost of repair and/or replacement. The Foundation further reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace, and such determination shall be made in good faith and without any legal liability, whatsoever.

4.) Counterparts. This Agreement may be signed in counterparts, which together form a whole, and email transmitted documents containing scanned signatures shall be deemed the equivalent of originals for the purposes of enforcement.

5.) New York Law and Personal Jurisdiction. This Agreement shall be enforced under the laws of the State of New York, and the parties hereto consent to personal and subject matter jurisdiction solely in the courts of the State of New York for the purposed of such enforcement.

6.) Miscellaneous. This Agreement is not assignable by any party hereto. Should any portion of this Agreement be held unenforceable or inoperative for any reason, such holding shall not affect any other portion of this Agreement (which shall be deemed effective as though such ineffective portions were not contained herein). The parties do not consent that any terms hereof contain or possess any ambiguity, or to the admissibility of any parole evidence, except as may be determined to be required to reform this Agreement to comport with its evident business purposes and goals. Paragraph headings are solely incorporated for convenience and shall not affect the terms of such paragraphs. Any waiver of any terms herein or breach thereof shall not be effective unless contained in a writing signed by the party against whom such waiver is asserted. Any such waiver shall be effective only with respect to the specific term(s) or breach(es) clearly contained in such writing, and shall not be deemed a waiver of any other term(s) or breach(es). In the event any party resorts to legal action to enforce the terms and provisions of this Agreement, the party ultimately prevailing shall be entitled to recover the costs and fees of such action (and all appeals emanating therefrom) so incurred, including, without limitation, attorney’s fees, costs and disbursements. The provisions of this Agreement shall be self-operative and shall not require further agreement by the parties except as may be herein specifically provided to the contrary; provided, however, at the request of either party, the other shall execute such additional instruments and take such additional actions as may be necessary to effectuate this Agreement. This Agreement, including the incorporated exhibits hereto, supersede all previous oral and/or written communications including those that are expressly incorporated herein.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties by their duly designated, appointed and authorized representatives have the capacity and personal guarantee of performance, duly executed this Agreement as of the date of this agreement by clicking “complete order” button.

The program is described at boatingsafety.com/epirb, as follows: 1. Description of program 2. Online method of reserving a beacon and paying the rental fee a. EPIRB rental rate for minimum seven (7) days: $65 / PLB rental rate for minimum seven (7) days: $45 b. Shipping options: 1 weekday $x, 2-weekdays $x, 3-weekdays $x; weekend shipping is not available on weekends c. Additional weeks: $65 per week EPIRB rental rate / $45 per week PLB rental rate. Extension requested during voyage may not be available. If available will incur additional rental fees. e. Late return: $65 charged two (2) weekdays past agreement return date f. No return: Full value of unit replacement cost charged three (5) weekdays past agreement date g. Damage to the unit, aside from use, will be charged accordingly 3. Completed reservation trigger notifications for Sea Tow Foundation: a. To follow up with the renter to confirm availability b. To follow up with the renter to confirm they know how to use and store device c. To follow up with NOAA to register renter between two dates d. To fulfillment center to shipping beacon with instructions and return shipping information. Any changes on the website shall be deemed changes herein, and are hereby incorporated.


Exhibit A - Rental Cost

  • Beacons rent for one week or more
  • EPIRB rent for $95 a week and includes  shipping
  • PLB rent for $80 a week and includes shipping
  • Beacons ship to you from Southold, New York using UPS Ground because of lithium and include a return shipping label. 1 and 2-day shipping is not available.
  • Late returns will be charged a one-week rental fee starting two weekdays past rental end date.
  • No returns: full value of unit replacement cost charged three weekdays past rental end date.
  • Extension requests during voyage may incur late fees.
  • Damage to unit aside from normal use will be charged accordingly.
  • The use of beacons for this program is intended for recreational marine use rather than camping, general aviation, hiking, skiing, or use aboard commercial vessels.


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