How to Choose the Correct Children’s Life Jacket

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How to Choose the Correct Children’s Life Jacket

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Children’s life jackets come in all different sizes and styles depending on the child’s body weight and comfort in the water. Every child should have a properly fitting life jacket and the U.S. Coast Guard requires that anyone under the age of 13 should be wearing a life jacket at all times when they are on board an underway boat. Kids grow quickly, though. So, a life jacket that fit a child well last fall may not fit well when it is time to go boating again in the spring. It is always important to check that the life jacket is the correct size for your children. To help with this, the Sea Tow Foundation has provided some quick tips to help you choose the correct life jacket for your kids.

Suggestions for use:

  • Boat dealers and marinas to hand out to First Mates visiting the dealership or marina
  • Boat show activities
  • Community events

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